Our special service for workers and business travellers

Our special service for workers and business travellers

  • Traveling in larger groups?

  • The number of employees and the time you stay varies often?

  • More apartments in one house?

  • More bathrooms or bedrooms in one apartment?

  • Early departure required?

  • Special language skills?

  • A large parking space?

  • A bus stop or train station nearby?

These are some of the extra request many assembler companies are asking us for. We take care of this and search for accommodations that fit your desires.

We do the research for you

With our experience (since 1997) we know the special requirements for assembler companies and their workers for accommodation. This is why we are able to react on your booking request in a flexible and direct way. With our great variety of landlords with all kind of accommodation we can find the best fitting apartment for your situation.

Direct booking possible

By phone or email you can contact us directly. With the help of your information and desires we can offer you a fitting accommodation even for the same day.

Save time and money with our knowledge about the area

With a great range of accommodation we are able to provide an apartment near your working place. The exact distance we can tell you immediately on your booking request. So you do not have to waste any time on searching for the right apartment.

Fair and cheap pricing

You stay cheap and comfortable in our apartments. You need to travel back earlier than appointed? That is no problem! We even pay you back the amount of money you paid to much. You do not know yet how long you will stay at all? We also take care of that situation and will offer you a special deal. If you stay long term we can offer you special monthly conditions.

Relax after work

The apartments and rooms we offer are comfortable. A TV and cooking facilities are always included. Wifi connection are partly available. Relax at your temporary home and feel good.

We are here for you everyday

Our extended office times enables you to reach us everyday even on weekends. Our team is looking forward to meet you!